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This is pretty much a list of all of those Chris has regular interaction with.

Wyatt Halliwell - Well, first of all it's his big brother. If there's ever anyone Chris will say he's closest too, Wyatt is really going to be the first name that comes to mind. Maybe it's just because of the whole stability thing, but their relationship really hasn't changed any since entering the Nexus. He'll be the first person he goes to with any sort of problem, and more often than not, he'll be the first person Chris turns to for advice.

Dean Winchester - Dean ... is a mixed bag of emotions. When they first met, Chris was sort of apathetic towards Dean, though he did admire that an innocent would go out and fight against demons with no sort of powers whatsoever to back them up. Over time they became fairly good friends, and Chris began to think of Dean along the same lines as he would do his family. The problem there was that ... well, Chris was fairly certain he'd fallen for the Hunter. Still has all those emotions, but they're just friends. Just friends. That doesn't mean he's still not bloody important to Chris. He finds it ironic that there's another reality with another set of brothers that have a relationship like his and Wyatt''s, but he's glad that he knows Dean, because he doesn't think he could find a better friend for himself. Dean is the sort of person Chris would want on his side when it came down to it. 
Faith Lehane - Faith is another one of those people that Chris' respect for has grown over time. He may or may not be nursing a crush on her, which does not really factor in to  the fact that he does consider her to be a great friend, and one whose company he would genuinely miss. He respects that she can hold her own in a fight, and again, this is another one of those people he would want on his side if push came to shove. 
Remus Lupin - Chris' favourite student bar none. Lupin  is generally the kid that Chris can find it easiest to talk Potions and magic with, and he likes that he doesn't have to 'dumb down' concepts that otherwise might be considered a little too 'over their heads'. Chris suspects that once he's left the Academy, he'll be able to call the kid "friend" with little hesitation. Lupin is one of the reasons Chris thinks of skipping into the Hogwarts reality, just because he doesn't think it's fair what the kid has to deal with with being a were and all.
James Potter - Has an ego and prone to slacking off but a good kid really. Nah, truthfully, Chris likes all his wizard kids, and James is not exception to this. If he was going to say anything negative about Potter, it would probably be the fact that he can become easily distracted in class, but at the same time the kid gets the work done so there's no real complaints there.
Sirius Black - Is the person who pushes Chris' "I don't want to know" policy the most. Granted, Chris is amused enough to let him continue on with whatever mischief making potion he's brewing this time. Actually, Chris thinks that Sirius is probably hiding a lot of his smarts, and he sort of wishes he would put more effort into the more boring types of work they have to do just to prove it. Like the rest of his wizard kids though, Chris has no problem with Sirius and even gets slightly proud at the chaos he causes. 
Jamie Madrox - Is a git who is stealing his kids. Okay, okay, seriously ... Chris hasn't really got that much of an opinion either way on Jamie yet. He gets on with him enough in work, and they tend to have the occasional drink together after a gruelling day. So far ... this story is still to develop. He may or may not hate that Jamie had more guts than him when it came to Faith though.
Pam - He's wary of Pam, but he does have a sort of polite respect towards her. She's got a good sense for business, and is another one of those people that you can talk pretty frankly to without causing too many problems. 
Andrea Norton -  If there is ever going to be a student Chris says he dislikes, it's Andrea Norton. She's one of the most aggravating little whiners he's ever had to misfortune of meeting but just his luck, it's always HER needing saved. His dislike comes from the fact that she pretty much shows up, destroys things, and then leaves him to clear up. If he was a less patient guy, she would have been orbed to the Underworld the first time she opened her mouth to start on one of her self-pitying rants. 
Julian Keller - This one is odd because, well, he's technically sort of assisting him in relearning how to use his powers, and getting a helping hand is rediscovering old tricks along the way. Julian, so far, is proving to be fairly easy to speak with but Chris worries about his comments on those with powers and those without.
Minerva McGonagall - Minerva reminds Chris of Grams in the best way, so he finds himself feeling pretty fond of her. Beyond that he finds her interesting to speak with as she always seems to give very good views to whatever it is he puts forward, plus is very knowledgeable on magic. 
The Master - He neither likes nor dislikes this guy. Seriously. 
Kaylee Fry - Chris is pretty convinced that this girl is pretty much perfect for his brother. They don't talk much, but they seem to get on when they do. 
Fred Weasley - Chris has spoken to Fred a few times. He's academically interested in the products they come out with (he's tried making a couple of the WWW potions himself, and he swears they must have added something because the effects are never quite the same, and Chris prides himself on being able to replicate pretty much any potion given to him.)
Bison - Dude BURNED HIM THROUGH HIS ORBS. If he never sees him again, it'll be too soon. 

Von Hammer - A fairly intense dude, who Chris always feels he needs to be careful with what he says around him. Though, having said that, he is grateful to the guy for being there when it was needed. 
Nico di Angelo - Nico is ... the only demigod Chris has had more than a couple of minutes of contact with, and so far he finds him to be a fairly polite little kid - if in need of actually knowing how to be a kid. (Like Chris can actually speak).
Castiel - Uncle Cas, as he's become known, actually for the most part improves Chris' attitude towards the more 'angelic' side of the family. It helps that the guy is a little more easy-going than some of the Elders, and he knows that's saying something. Castiel is family, and Chris is automatically endeared towards his family; they're the most important people to him. 
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 [[Locked to [info]torndownsoldier ]]

[Chris' apartment, when you get down to it, is not some design student's dream of a home. It's simply decorated, with a kitchen. living room, bathroom, and two bedrooms. Small, especially when he thinks of the Manor, but it suits Chris well. It's warm. and inviting, and best of all: there is pie in the fridge.]

[...Pie in the fridge is always a good thing]

[Okay, so maybe he's focusing on the smaller details, but hey, that's what he does. He looks around the place, making sure there's nothing out that could cause problems - he keeps some of the more explode-y of his ingredients here - before going and opening the door. He grins]

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Continues on from this thread

[*Chris is just sitting on the couch, staring up at the ceiling. He can't really process what just happened*]


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[The apartment is sparse, as if it's barely lived in. That ... sort of fits it really. There are magical tomes lying all over the main living area. In the kitchen there's signs of potion making - an open notebook sits on the counter beside a pot, and a various array of ingredients. They suddenly appear - thanks to Castiel zapping them there - and Chris falls down on to the beaten up couch, closing his eyes and he leans back against it]
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